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Plans and dreams

These are our plans and dreams for the years to come, anything can happen and so they might change. Our goals has always been to plan ahead for many years. It's important for us to look beyond the next horizon and not just plan for the moment. We are constantly reading peedigres and looking for suitable studs for our darlings at home. Our dreams may not be fulfilled, but planning and dreaming is a big part of our lives. So if you're interested in taking part of our journey to fulfilling dreams, take a look at this site now and then, or just give us a call. Information about our upcoming litters will be updated regularly. 



 PLANS for 2014

Ruweis Al Wathba Sahibihah aka ”Sabihah” our black pearl.

Iimported from the UK, THANK YOU Karen, Knl. Ruweis for giving us the opportunity to share our lives with her.

Our goals with this import was to extend our genepool with new blood. Her pedigree includes a line not common in Sweden and Europe due to her mother's pedigree of Arabic origin. Her outcome is more than we could have hoped for; she has a strong jaw, flowing movement and is overall well-balanced in the whole body.

She is the mother of our D-litter born in 2011. Our plan is to use her once again 2014 with one of our own males from a previous litter. First we want to see the D-litter grow up.